Custom Labels for Gun Rail Parts Difficult to Decorate

October 25th, 2020

Custom Gun Rails Personalized Designs

Custom Gun Rails Personalized Designs

Custom Gun Rails Personalized Designs

Here at Flexsystems USA we cater to a variety of different clients and customers. From small businesses to large military operations, we have worked on many types of creative products. Some take longer than others, but we really love a challenge and are the best at working on difficult to decorate items.

Angel from Custom Gun Rails asked us to create unique patterns for his gun rails. His company enables gun owners to give their gun a personalized look with these parts. At Custom Gun Rails they provide a variety of customizable rail covers that range from inventory control to custom military/law enforcement badges, patches, and beyond.

The most difficult of the designs we decorated were the Kryptek camo patterns. We spent over 5 months in R&D to figure out how to make the patterns. The other pattern was a bacon strip and a distressed USA flag. It was also very important to make sure to keep the costs down so that Angel could afford to sell them to his customers.

We make a point to produce the highest quality custom patches at an exceptionally affordable rate to regular people, organizations, educational institutions, as well as various groups across the world.

The parts are made in our factory in San Diego, CA. And our custom resin is a biocorn mixture with a corn ingredient. On the back of the parts, we added an aggressive 3M tape. Angel tested these parts in Afghanistan, where he is stationed.

We have worked with the military a lot over the years and you can learn more about our morale badges, patches, zipper pulls, etc. on our website.