Graduate School Of Biomedical Sciences Shirt PVC Labels

August 6th, 2017

Graduate School Of Biomedical Sciences Shirt PVC Labels
Shirt PVC labelsShirt PVC labels

Shirt PVC labels are popular for schools, universities and uniforms.  Sturdy and solid PVC labels will last much longer.  Many of our customers prefer PVC labels to silk and embroidery.  We recently made shirt PVC labels to sew onto lab coats for The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, GSBS, is dedicated to the highest education and research in all of its institutions.  Located in Houston, Texas, this prestigious graduate school offers students exploration and guidance in finding their specialty.  They draw from various facilities such as GSBS, MD Anderson Cancer Center, UTHealth Schools and Texas A&M University.  These schools offer some of the finest talent around.  Those participating have received funding from the National Institutes of Health totaling approximately 250 million.   With research programs the facilities are making great discoveries.  One research program recently discovered a diagnostic tool to detect early pancreatic cancer.  If detected early, patients have a higher percentage of qualifying for surgery.  When detected in later stages, only about 15% qualify for the surgery.  These kinds of discoveries change lives.

Our PVC patches don’t make life-changing discoveries but they do make a difference on the products they are attached to.  Once the shirt PVC labels were created we decorated the lab coats with the custom label.  We offer on site decoration to our customers as a convenient one-stop shop service.  A durable PVC label means a long lasting impression.  Shirt PVC labels get washed all the time.  Our goal is that our shirt PVC labels would outlast the clothing.  We offer shirt PVC labels that are flexible and durable so your product can last as long as you need it to.

We enjoy learning about the companies we make PVC labels for.  Every company offers something great to our community.  We are grateful to our customers and to our employees for their diligent work and efforts.  Flexsystems has proudly made custom PVC labels in sunny San Diego for over 20 years and we are happy to say, we are here to stay.