Why Dogs Make the Best Office Companions

August 16th, 2018
Sheba & Rosie Our Office Dogs

Sheba & Rosie Our Office Dogs

If you love dogs then you know how they make great companions. But, what about for your office? We think dogs make the best business mascots and here is why:

  1. Dogs make you happier.
    • Studies show that just gazing at a dog brings out the hormone Oxitocin which is the happiness hormone. Being happy at work helps you be more effective.
  2. They encourage us to take necessary breaks.
    • Standing for too long or looking at a computer for too long can have negative implications. It’s important to take short breaks in order to renew and bring a clear mind back to work.
  3. Dogs foster a sense of social interaction making us friendlier with each other.
    • Workplace success takes a team of individuals who are friendly and respectful to one another. Anytime you have happier people who can be friendlier to each other, you are working in a better atmosphere that fosters success.
  4. They don’t complain.
    • It’s always nice to have people around who don’t complain and remind you about the things to be grateful for.
  5. Dogs help people come out of their shell.
    • Dogs make us open up our personalities in such a way that it encourages us to open up and flourish. On a team, every voice counts and it is nice that dogs help us to be our best selves.

Our work dogs pictured above are Sheba and Rosie. Both rescue dogs from kill shelters, we are grateful to have them with us and they bring a lot to our team at Flexsystems USA.

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