Decorating apparel with USA Made PVC Labels and Patches

January 27th, 2015

Decorating apparel with USA Made PVC Labels and Patches

USA Made PVC Labels and patchesUSA Made PVC Labels and patches

Decorating apparel and soft goods with our USA Made PVC labels and patches continues to grow upwards.  Once companies find that they want their logo to stand out in a new and unique way, they turn to USA made PVC labels and patches.  We provide high quality USA Made PVC labels and patches for our customers.  Decorating soft goods and apparel with a label made to last is important to keep your customer connected with your brand.  We have been manufacturing USA made PVC labels and patches in San Diego since 1994.

Our PVC labels and patches are made to withstand harsh elements outdoors and indoors.  Our USA made PVC labels and patches will outlast embroidery and silkscreen in the long run.  They will not peel, fade, chip or unravel.  Made with a BioCorn mixture that replaces the phthalates with a corn base, making the labels and patches eco-friendly and medical grade.   The added depth and increased detail on our PVC labels make your company logo stand out.  Many of our customers today need USA made PVC labels and patches for hats, bags, polo shirts, shoes, boots, jackets, blankets, pet collars, OEM parts, scuba dry suits, gun rail covers and women’s bathing suits.

Sewing is our most popular decoration method and by far the most permanent.  Our USA made PVC labels look great on clothing and really stand out with the 3D molded look.  We make the pvc label here in our factory in San Diego and then sew the label onto polo shirts, computer sleeves, backpacks, neck gators, gloves, blankets, jackets and just about anything that needs a brand on it.  If you want your name to stand out for a long time, try our USA made PVC labels and patches.