Custom Counter Mats – USA Made

September 28th, 2022

Custom Counter Mats USA Made

Custom PVC Counter Mats

One of the main reasons why custom counter mats work so well as a marketing tool is that they won’t be thrown away or discarded. They can be used everywhere from a home to an office or school setting. With a wide range of people seeing your company’s name, logo, or slogan, it helps with name recognition and increasing the profile of your company.

PVC counter mats are something of a subtle billboard. Once put out for use, folks are bound to see them. If placed in a highly trafficked area, then the chances of the product being seen are that much higher. Everyone has a counter that could use a mat: businessmen, teenagers, and teachers. Thus, the name of your company will be seen each time a person uses or passes by the counter mat. Whether the individual knows it or not, they will soon come to remember your company. In the future, this could mean the difference between a person using or not using your products.

100% non-skid counter mats. 1-3 color imprint with durable silk screened inks.

Custom sizes and shapes available. .08″ thick.

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