Unique 2D Logo for Core Power Promo Hat

November 19th, 2015

Our distributor said his customer, Core Power, wanted a very unique hat decoration. Different from the typical embroidered style. Not only did we create a distinct 2D logo for them, we used an unusual shape.  From a distance, the logo popped out and really stood out from the crowd.

We are happy to create promotional products for companies that care. Core Power is a company that cares about sustainability and the cows who produce the milk that go into their protein shakes. Here’s a video by Fairlife, the dairy farmers who provide their milk.

Core Power has a social media hashtag called #everydayawesome that gets people inspired for their fitness goals. Join in on their conversation and enjoy knowing that this company is one that cares.

FlexSystems USA is located in San Diego, California and makes parts in their own manufacturing facility. Parts are Made in America and we are proud to be the only company that uses BioCornhttps://www.flexsystems.com/biocorn-pvc-labels/, a proprietary blend of PVC plastics that are good for the environment and do not contain phthalate’s.