2-D Labels For Shot Show or Other Events

May 2nd, 2024

2-D Labels For Shot Show or Other Events

2-D labels

If you are attending an event you will need to be equipped with patches, labels, keychains, magnets or sew on labels to promote your logo for the event.  Proudly made in the USA, we create 2-D labels, patches and magnets all from the same mold.

Our 2-D labels and patches are made from phthalate free, medical grade bio-corn material.  This material has been used to make heart catheters and other medical grade products.  It is a strong material that will not unravel, peel or crack.  The 2-D labels come out soft and flexible leaving your logo crisp and clean.  Our entire USA made line of products uses the patented BioCornTM material.  This includes 2-D labels, patches, keychains, magnets, bag tags, badges and zipper pulls.  These 2-D labels are extremely tactile and can be VELCRO® brand fasteners, sewn or heat-sealed onto almost any item.  Our labels can be seen on clothing, uniforms, medical equipment, first responder items and shoes.

We recently worked with our customer Cold Fire Defense to come up with artwork that would lend itself to our 2-D molds for labels and patches.  Cold Fire Defense wanted a logo that contained a silhouette of a gun being held.  We worked swiftly and came up with a logo that pleased our customer.  We then molded the 2-D labels and patches and shipped them out in time for his show.  Cold Fire Defense aims to bridge the gap between law enforcement, fire rescue and EMS.  Developing tools that are simple to use for the first responders who risk their lives for us everyday is Cold Fire Defenses’ main goal.  They aim to serve those who serve us.  USA made parts are important to Cold Fire Defense and they chose us to ensure they had products such as labels and patches made in the USA.  Thank you to all of our customers who come to us for USA made labels, patches, magnets and badges and other parts.  We appreciate your business and your commitment to USA made. Contact us with your questions.