Woven Label USA

August 20th, 2022

Woven Labels

Our woven labels are popular means to add your logo to various products. They can be applied via sewing, iron on or with adhesive. There are a variety of folds available for woven labels, depending on how you plan to use the label.

  1. Materials: Damask, Satin, Taffeta

Damask is our most popular woven label material. It has a soft feel to it and lays well on fabric and most materials it is applied to. Any logo with a detailed design and lettering should opt for Damask.

Satin. You notice the shiny sheen and suppleness of our stain woven labels. While they cannot offer the same detail as our damask woven labels, the satin is an option for a different look and is more vintage.

Taffeta: If you are looking for a sheer and lightweight material, taffeta is the choice. This type of material is used as a side seam labels for hats, bags, and scarves as well as swimsuits. It dries quickly and offers a grainy style.

Backing: Iron on, sew on or sew on available