USA Made Custom PVC Label

June 1st, 2023

Flexsystems USA Made Custom PVC Label

USA Manufacturer

Polyvinyl chloride is the plastic known at the hardware store as PVC. This is the PVC from which pipes are made, and PVC pipe is everywhere. The plumbing in your house is probably PVC pipe, unless it’s an older house. PVC pipe is what rural high schools with small budgets use to make goal posts for their football fields. But there’s more to PVC than just pipe.

The “vinyl” siding used on houses is made of polyvinyl chloride. Inside the house, PVC is used to make linoleum for the floor. In the seventies, PVC was often used to make vinyl car tops. PVC is useful because it resists two things that hate each other: fire and water. Because of its water resistance it’s used to make raincoats and shower curtains, and of course, water pipes. It has flame resistance, too, because it contains chlorine. When you try to burn PVC, chlorine atoms are released, and chlorine atoms inhibit combustion.

We are the only company to use a custom formulated MEDICAL GRADE PVC for our custom PVC labels. It has no ingredients on the Prop 65 list and is compliant with all consumer safety rules and regulations. It’s composition makes it very soft and bendable and flexible. We can alter that by adding different ingredients when a harder durometer is required. And if you require a custom formula to meet a specific ASTM requirement, we can do that as well for you. Just call our customer service department.

We also offer recycled PVC. We use the material that is left over from production and use it to make recycled labels, luggage tags, keychains and what ever else the customer would like.

Our custom PVC product has been tested by SGS labs in Los Angeles, California.  You can ask for a copy of that report or click to read the SGS lab summary.

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“My customer really bought into the idea of transforming the JOLT COLA can into a custom PVC patch, keychain, sticker and magnet.”

Chris Martins,
the Cooley Group


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