PVC Labels

December 18th, 2022

Custom PVC Labels ImageCustom PVC Labels

Our custom PVC labels show a degree of detail and crispness to enhance your logo. From custom sewn on PVC labels, to custom PVC patches for hats, caps, bags and fleece jackets, the PVC labels sew on beautifully and in some cases, we can heat-seal the PVC label to materials that bond well. We are a USA pvc manufacturer and have been making soft, flexible pvc labels since 1994 in San Diego. If needed, we can also import pvc labels from the Orient.

What are pvc labels and custom pvc labels?

Our custom labels are made from our USA medical grade non phthalate resin. We are the only company in the world to have the material in our industry. We use corn in stead of phthlates. The rubber patches feel soft to the touch, are flexible and are often called rubber patches, silicone patches or TPU labels. Many customer use them instead of embroidery and silkscreen. They last a very long time and handle harsh environments when other logo methods do not.

Why chose Flexsystems for your Custom Label needs?

  • No minimums on USA Made PVC labels.
  • Rush Service. Labels in days.
  • Decorate.We can sew them onto your items.
  • Direct Manufacturer. Not a middleman.

Our custom labels are USA Made here in San Diego with BioCorn Material. Or you can opt for Orient Made pvc labels. Experts-Since 1994.

How do you use PVC labels ?

PVC labels add a unique look to the item you sew or heat seal them onto. The added depth and increased detail make your company logo stand out. We have been putting  pvc labels onto hats, bags, polo shirts, jackets, pet collars, OEM parts, scuba dry suits, surf trunks, women’s bathing suits since 1994. They do not fade or peel or unravel like embroidery and embroidered patches do. Our parts last longer than the item that they are attached to. If you look at the retail market, most outerwear, shoe, sporting good, bag and apparel lines use custom PVC labels.

How Do You Apply Soft Flexible PVC Labels?

We are the only company that not only makes the PVC custom labels and PVC patches in the USA, we also sew and heat seal them on for you. Most customers like to have the PVC label sewn on. Click here for sewing tips if you would like to handle yourself.

Heat Seal
Some, not all, materials can be heat sealed. We suggest you send in your parts to us for testing before we quote this option. We have had success with scuba dry suits, Cocoon bags, neoprene materials and many bags and backpacks.

Our custom labels use aggressive 3M adhesives for OEM applications. From hard plastic cases to industrial doors and metal surfaces, the adhesive creates a strong bond with our part and the surface material. Testing is suggested before you place your order.

Customize with lots of options
PVC Label Options. Sew Channel. Adhesive, heat seal, fragrance added, glow in the dark, reflective, translucent, glitter, use mold to make keychains, magnets, etc. Shape, size , fragrance. We can vary thickness depending on what you need.

Let me know how I need to proceed to approve, because we approve with flying colors. You even got the colors right!! Fantastic!!
What’s the turn-around time to getting these completed?
Thanks for your great work,

Justyne Lobello
Blue Bird

Good afternoon, Diane, I just wanted to let you know that we received the Orange Leaf Patches today and we love them, they look awesome!

We just hope our customer loves them J

Thank you for all your help on this project!


Brittni Aye

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PVC Labels
Our custom PVC label patches are great for hats and caps. We can achieve greater detail in a smaller space vs. embroidery.
Custom PVC Labels
Polo shirts with logos that have a lot of detail are popular-we make the PVC label here in San Diego, then we sew the PVC labels on.
Custom PVC Labels
With custom PVC labels, unique shapes and colors are a breeze.
PVC Labels
A typical custom PVC label that was sewn onto a variety of items for our distributor’s event.
PVC Labels
How about a diamond plate texture? Or a muddy boot texture? We specialize in custom PVC labels that make your company stand out.
Google PVC Labels
Google used these PVC labels on laptop bags and sleeves for an event.