Custom Emblems

December 20th, 2022
Custom Emblems

Custom Emblems And 3D Logo Patches

Our custom emblems and 3D logo patches are made here in the USA for a variety of customers and industries. A new Christian clothing company 4Given, wanted to show off their detailed logo and embroidery was not working for them.

The 3D logo patch worked out very well. We made several sizes for this particular design and will sew them on to a variety of products for them. And we will keep the parts in inventory until they need to use them. That way, they were able to capture the lower price for the custom labels.

Many film studios need detailed pvc labels in a rush. This was the case for the M label in the picture. The movies series Revolution needed several Militia patches for the uniforms for the Munroe Republic. We made these for them in a day. The mold was ordered in the morning, arrived the next day and we shipped the same day.

Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol is one of our hybrid 3D pvc labels with four color process embedded into the part. These were sewn at our factory in San Diego onto jackets for a unique mountaineering expedition for several executives. The Vaseline logo, with the gradient blue color process would be impossible to embroider or silkscreen. So we used our unique 4CP process along with our 3D pvc label capabilities.

Another difficult piece of art was for the Bounty Detergent company. In this case, we used a four color process for the Bounty brand name and then used our 3D pvc label for the splash design and copy. There was no other way to do this and create the look the customer wanted. Our Hybrid 4CP/3D parts were borne out of necessity as we had many customers come to us with these difficult projects and no real solutions…until we came up with our idea !

Sapporo was a custom patch that was used on Ogio Bags. We not only made the logo patch, but we also sewed them onto the bags for our customer, Promo Shop, in LA.

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