Custom PVC Labels

April 11th, 2023

Custom PVC Labels

The demand for custom PVC labels is never ending….once you have a brand name for your company or event or promotion, you want to put it on every product you have to get your name out there. To enhance your visibility. Our 3D PVC labels help create your brand image. Instead of a flat and common logo, we can ensure that your brand label stands out with our USA Manufacturing process.

In the case of the Gravity labels, we made these custom PVC labels within days for an event. And once we made the parts here in San Diego, we turned around and sewed them on to a variety of products. From bags to hats to jackets.

We offer no minimums for our custom PVC labels, rush services as well as on site decoration.

Visit our Custom PVC Label gallery to see the extent of our creativity for your custom PVC label.