Custom Medallions, Custom Pendants

July 20th, 2023

Custom Medallions, Pendants and Necklaces USA Made

custom medallions

Custom medallions and pendants made from soft flexible rubber PVC plastic, silicone or metal. Is there a special event or occasion that requires a new look for your medallion? Try out what Dodge did and use our 3D soft plastic product and hang Mardi Gras beads from them. Create your own 3D medallion and stand out in the crowd!

The promotional medallion or promotional necklace is a fun way to show off your customers’ logo. Our rubber medallions are popular for beverage, entertainment, auto, event and school customers.

If you like the look of the custom PVC medallion, you can use the same mold to make custom sewing labels, rubber lapel pins, PVC magnets, and hang tags.

And if you want an eco friendly item, we can use our recycled resin to make the parts for you. Soon we will be offering a corn plastic as another alternative to the pvc rubber medallions and badges.

Many customers have difficult to decorate art. If this is the case, we can use our new Flex 4CP four color process for your badge, medallion or necklace. From computer-generated art to animated art, we can replicate it exactly the way the customer wishes.

We offer on site decoration, send us your blanks. In addition, we can supply warehousing (110,000 sq feet) fulfillment, assembly and packaging.

We have been doing business with Flexsystems® for three years now. They have provided us with quality work for our top clients. The molded patches really compliment the Mobile Edge products, and we are continuing to grow with Flexsystems® by introducing the Flex recycled PVC patches to our recycled bag line this year.”

Summer Valdez,
Mobile Edge