Consider PVC Custom Emblems When Other Processes Fall Short

September 20th, 2023

Consider PVC Custom Emblems When Other Processes Fall Short

In certain situations using traditional methods of embroidery and silkscreen processes to create emblems and labels will not meet your requirements. However, there are other methods which are available to create your custom emblems. These processes involve using PVC labels with four color processes and 3D effects to achieve the results you seek. There are also other processes offered depending upon your exact project.

Have Your Custom Emblems Attached to Your Products

Our custom emblems can be sewn onto a variety of materials and products. For example, custom patches might be required on uniform tops, hand bags, shoes, jackets, blankets, and hats, as well as other types of products.

Our processes allow us to not only help you create the style of patch you require for your products, but also supply the finishing processes to attach the label to the required location. All that is required for this added service is for you to provide the products for us to finish.

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