Consider Custom Patches Made from Rubber and PVC Materials for Your Baseball Uniforms

May 30th, 2013

Bulldog shirt

You can get your own custom patches created for your team’s baseball uniforms made from rubber and PVC materials. Patches made from rubber are able to stand up much longer than traditional patches or silk screen patches. This is because rubber and PVC materials are more durable and designed to be used in a variety of outdoor conditions, from hot sunny days to wet rainy days.

Have Your Rubber Custom Patches Attached to Your Baseball Uniforms

You have the option to send in your baseball uniforms and have your rubber custom patches sewn on each uniform in the desired locations. By allowing us to attach your patches you know they will be properly sewn using the correct stitching materials. We are also able to use heat processes to attach labels to a variety of fabrics in situations where it is required.