Avoid Several Issues Common with Other Patches by Using PVC Custom Made Patches

October 4th, 2023

Avoid Several Issues Common with Other Patches by Using PVC Custom Made Patches

PVC Custom Made Patches

There are several different methods you can consider whenever you require custom made patches for use with your products. One common option is to use embroidery directly onto the materials to create the patch. Embroidery is a stitching process where different colored thread strands are sewn closely together to create images and lettering. Some common issues with embroidery include cases where it is unable to be used with certain materials, situations where the threading comes undone through improper care, and fading over time. Another traditional option is to use silk screening processes. With silk screening, fading, cracking and peeling are typical problems that develop. To avoid the issues found with embroidery and silk screening, a third method available is to use our custom PVC and plastic patches. These patches are designed to last a long time, resist fading, cracking, and peeling.

Different Process Used to Attach PVC and Plastic Custom Made Patches

Plastic and PVC custom made patches are able to be applied to a wide range of materials and products. One typical application process used to secure the patches is sewing the patches directly onto clothing and other such materials. A small amount of glue may also be used under the patches, along with the stitching, to help ensure the patches remain securely attached. Adhesives and heat are other application processes used to secure custom PVC and plastic patches to materials where sewing is not possible. When using either of these attachment methods, samples are tested beforehand to ensure the finished product meets the customer’s requirements.