Custom Parts – Scuba, Footwear, Medical and Other Industries

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Flexsystems has been making custom parts for almost 30 years. We began making sidewall parts for hockey skates in 1994 and from there branched out into other industries. Our material is medical grade and, in the past, has been tested for cold crack, tensile strength, dry crock, salt water and chlorine resistance, abrasion resistance, puncture testing and many other ASTM requirements.

The scuba industry incorporates our parts for a variety of uses- from patches for regulators, to wet and dry suit labels. The fact that our parts can withstand extreme outdoor environments is an important benefit. We often say that our part will last longer that the item it is applied to.  

Other industries that we have worked with are the shoe & boot industry, tactical-suppliers to the military, sporting good, boating, motocross, off-road, fall protection, pet, handicap-special needs, medical, automotive, police and fire, EMT,  outdoor gear, pet, uniform, safety, transportation and many others.

Please give us a call and we can discuss your project and answer your questions.