Woven Labels Orient Made
The Institute of Heraldry

Mr. Mugno and his team over at the Institute of Heraldry had reached out to Flexsystems in 2020 regarding 2D pvc patches. There has been growing demand for these patches in the military and The Institute wanted to learn more about the process. As the only USA Manufacturer of the 2D pvc patches and hook morale badges, we spent quite a bit of time explaining the manufacture of these products. As well as developing the prototypes for the first samples for the Institute.

TIOH is responsible for executing the statuary (10 USC 4594) requirement for the Secretary of the Army to furnish heraldic service associated with our National symbolism to all Federal Government Agencies.

Before Flexsystems, the only two mediums used by TIOH were textile and metal. We are honored to have been granted  the Agreement to Manufacture on August 2, 2021. Our Hallmark number is F-28.



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