Phone Flipper

Phone Flipper – Phone Accessory Case Study

The phone flipper began as a drawing on a napkin and a simple hand cut part that was stapled and glued together. When we met the inventor of the Phone Flipper, he had come with his great idea and very little else.

We began to create simple designs and tested the best means to sew the finger holder down. The distance from the loop to the bottom of the part as well as where to place the center were changed hundreds of times. Once we formalized a final design for the part, we then turned to the variety of designs for artwork that would be required. In addition, we searched for the best adhesive to use that would bond to most cell phone cases as well as our material.

The original idea was to use a mold to form the 2D phone flippers. But as the artwork from the inventor became more complex, we decided that a 4CP option was necessary. That way, any number of colors and degree of difficulty in the art would not be an issue. We began to experiment with printing the designs onto our material and then sewing the finger loop portions onto the material.

After about 6 months, we had a product ready for the market and for website sales.