Grace Engineering

Grace Engineering-Quest Bow Product Line

One of the engineers from Grace reached out to us a few years ago. Cody was working on state-of-the-art bow technology and wanted a 2D method for decorating the product line. There was a fair amount of detail in the logo for a relatively small area on the bow.

Louis “Leo” Grace Sr. started Grace Engineering in Memphis, Michigan. Over the years, the company grew and became known for developing innovative manufacturing practices and quality products. The Grace family’s homestead in Memphis and the original building that housed Grace Engineering was once an old flour mill that had been built in the 1 860’s. A ledger was CTS found on the premises that contained Thomas Edison’s signature. Edison grew up in the nearby city of Port Huron, Michigan and would bring his family’s wheat to the mill to be ground. Thomas Edison had a strong passion for innovation, and Grace Engineering and Prime have that same passion.

We were honored that Grace wanted to work with us. Our parts were designed to be placed into a recessed cavity on the bow. Our thin profile was important, and we found a 3M adhesive that would bond well to the bow materials during use. The testing went back and forth until we found a design that worked.

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