Creating Durable Labeling for WING Inflatables

Creating Durable Labeling for WING Inflatables

One of Bill Wing’s early target markets was the Navy SEALs. At the time the SEALs were using Navy ‘ten-man’s’ otherwise known as IBS’s (Inflatable Boat-Small) utilizing technology dating back to WWII. Patching and repairing boats was part of the training process. It took almost ten years, but eventually the Navy and the SEALs came around to the benefits of polyurethane. Every IBS the Navy uses is made of Wing polyurethane.

In 1991, the same year Bill earned his 500 ton master’s (Captain’s) license, an aluminum boat builder in the Seattle area, ALMAR, decided to give polyurethane a try. The polyurethane air-holding tubes designed by Wing Inflatables for ALMAR and adopted to a fleet of RIBs, (Rigid Inflatable Boats) for use on off-shore tours in Hawaii were the best of their kind. Soon after in ’92, the Navy came back to Wing for polyurethane tubes on its Explosive Ordinance Disposal craft.

In the new millennium, polyurethane thermo-welded fabric has become the industry standard, and along with it, Wing Inflatables is recognized as the premium quality fabricator of polyurethane in the world. Wing is working with R & D teams in the military, commercial marine industry, and a host of other industries to further wed welded-fabric technology to an exotic blend of applications including stealth technology, ballistic protection, port security, and air-sea rescue among others.

Flexsystems durable PVC labels with heat seal adhesive is the perfect labeling solution for WING Inflatables as they are as durable and rugged as the polyurethane thermo-welded fabric that Bill Wing pioneered.